Springtime at last.

After a long wet winter we are at last seeing the spring flowers popping up all over the lanes and coastal areas. The coastal area is a little delayed compared to inland but makes it all the more worth waiting for. Walks now are a pleasure with new wild flowers flowering daily. Violets, primroses, bluebells, pink campion and hedgerow blossom all adding to the heady springtime vista. The skylarks above and the wrens below nesting and feeding their young fill the air with songs from break of day to late into the evening.

The farming methods along this coastline mean that the lanes are full of wild flowers any spare land or brush is bursting with wildlife and traditional wild flowers. The estuary is busy with water birds of all kinds as well as a large family of swans and shell ducks. Herons fish as the tide changes and of course seagulls of all sorts are always looking for food.

Sandra McCarthy