Beach walks.

Maddy, our mixed breed hound, just loves the beach. She loves to run and her best running is done in sand. Being a youngster we don't let her free very often, as she gets distracted and doesn't always come back to us. When the coast is clear of small children and unfamiliar dog walkers we let her run free along the river estuary when the tide is out.

The walk to the estuary can be done from the house, along a narrow road, through some old woodland dotted with wild flowers and a lovely view, then you pop out at the boat builders yard and walk along the river a short way to the sand area in front of the yacht club and on round to the open areas opposite Popitt Sands. Here you can often walk almost to the Cliff Hotel if the tide is fully out. The river runs on this side so there is always water rushing by  giving dogs a place to swim and wildlife a place to feed.

Maddy loves to run and run and if another dog is willing to play chase she will soon be worn out and happy.

Much of West Wales is dog friendly, you will find many restaurants, cafes and pubs allow dogs either outside or inside when asked and there are plenty of beaches were dogs are allowed. We always recommend keeping your dog on its lead when walking the coastal paths in Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire as there is often sheep or horses grazing on the pathways, not to mention the steep cliffs to the ocean below! Looking for a perfect place to hike your hound? Drop us a line!


Fun on a beach.

Fun on a beach.