Little bit of History.

Verwig-Ferwig a small village on the west coast of wales near Cardigan. WE bought a house and out buildings on which is this amazing AA sign. In the past these AA signs were on many places as road markers, they are collectors items of course,  but we choose to keep it fixed to the wall where it has been for many, many years. We love the detail and how London is really not that far away, yet a million miles in terms of air quality and quietness.

The village has changed its V to an F as that is how it is spoken, its rather nice to have a kink in things to keep you awake! Finding us on sat nav can be a challenge and often visitors are sent a rather rough route, funny how reliant we have become on such things when a glance at a map will give you the correct and easy way to a place. Of course being out west so far, almost in sight of the sea, we have poor mobile signal too. When you visit you might feel cut off, no, time to relax and enjoy being free of others and enjoy the countryside and seaside.

Sandra McCarthy