8 weeks of sunshine and still going..

This summer, 2018, has turned out to be a rare event with sunshine everyday for almost 8 weeks at the time of writing. ( July3rd)

After a very wet winter and spring its wonderful to see the blue sky everyday, although the plants and wildlife are now suffering from lack of water or shade. The garden sprang into life at the first sign of sunshine, all the blossom came out around the countryside and we had high pollen count for weeks. Now after such long burning days we are seeing the grass turn brown and the flower beds wilting, shame though it is, its all part of the nature of being in this Country. Some years pop up like this, seems like every 20-30 years we get a long hot spell so I like to enjoy it while its here.

The river estuary and coastal beaches give a welcome relief from the heat and even the water feels warmer!


Sandra McCarthy