Hot Hot HOT...

The sun is still shining and the sky is still blue 9 weeks and counting.

The summer is amazing and after the wettest winter, we really are loving it, although the garden is dried out and the farmland is burnt.

After joining a online booking site the house has been full of guests which is great. Maddy  is enjoying the company and David has gone off to a gliding competition. The summer is the time for gliding competitions in the uk so there are a lot of pilots in the air most days. You have to look carefully as they are silent and can be high but if you do see any give them a wave!

Gliding competitions are timed rather than races or though it does feel like a race if everyone takes the same route and sets off together. Using the thermals  to rise up and then fly on around a set task it takes a lot of skill, as well as a lot of understanding of the weather conditions on any given day.

David has been flying gliders most of his life and enters a few competitions each year, he flies a single seat glider now which is 30 plus years old and still going well. He spent a lot of time after he bought it stripping the old paint off and had new gelcoat put on to give it a new lease of life.

David and Sandy flew together for  some years in a two seat glider which David piloted, Sandy  taking pictures, helping with map reading, thermal and glider spotting.

Now Sandy stays home and runs the Bed and Breakfast  while David is competing. She can watch the tasks unfold on the internet with the advent of GPS trackers, the gliders are all shown on a live map as yellow flags with each call sign or registration to show you who is who. The map updates every few moments and so  one can see how the  tasks are unfolding. This map shows several competitions as well as normal weekend flying.


day two.jpeg
Sandra McCarthy